Iori Kitahara (北原(きたはら) 伊織(いおり) Kitahara Iori? ) is the main character of the manga series Grand Blue. He is a first year Mechanical Engineering student at Izu University.



Iori is a blue-haired college student with a fairly muscular medium build. Normally, he wears a hoodie or jacket over a T-shirt. He is often seen naked with the exception of his boxers when he becomes intoxicated.


Iori is first depicted as a relatively normal boy just entering university who wants to lead a normal and peaceful school life. However, after joining the diving club, Iori spends most of his days intoxicated, naked, and partying with the club members. He is rather perverted as well. While he is generally a loud and boisterous idiot, Iori displays a kind and caring side as well, such as when he stuck up for Aina when she was being picked on and how he defends Kohei when he is insulted for being an otaku. Despite no initial interest, Iori comes to love diving and spending time with the members of the club, whom he becomes friends with and cares about despite their rambunctious behavior and endless crazy schemes.



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  • Iori's voice actor, Yūma Uchida is the younger brother of Maaya Uchida, who voiced Nanaka Kotegawa.