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A New World (新世界 Shin Sekai? ) is the third episode of Grand Blue anime.


Iori walks out from his room after he awaken from a horrible dream. He sees Tokita and Kotobuki holding two costumes, one male and one female school uniform, and immediately pointing them at Iori. Kōhei joins them as Iori being explained that the costumes are essential for diving. Chisa then walks in and surprise to see Iori and Kōhei seriously examining the costumes. Clearing from any misunderstanding, Chisa immediately realize the situation, adding to Iori and Kōhei's confusion. Seeing this, Tokita and Kotobuki then explain that diving is an expensive activity and in order to raise money for the club, Iori and Kōhei are being entered into the Male Pageant at the Izu Spring Festival.

Afterwards, Iori finally tries out deep sea diving for the first time in a wetsuit under Kotobuki's supervision. After managing to overcome his difficulty breathing using oxygen tank, he returns to the shop and excitedly tells Chisa about his experience underwater, which pleases her.

The next morning, Iori wakes up next to a half-naked woman. Tokita and Kotobuki introduce Iori to Azusa, whom they don't consider a traditional woman at all. Later, while Tokita and Kotobuki running an errand, Iori, Kōhei and Chisa are training to make the Okonomiyaki that they will be making at the club's shop during the festival. Simultaneously, Iori and Kōhei are secretly trying to get Chisa drunk and subsequently tricking her into entering the Women's Pageant so that they won't have to enter the Male Pageant. However, all their attempts backfire. Azusa finally gets the boys to admit their true motives.

Later that night, Azusa beats the young men in Yakyuken, then convinces Chisa to give the beauty pageant a shot. The morning after, Tokita and Kotobuki announce that Chisa has agreed to enter the Women's Pageant, under the condition that Iori and Kōhei enter the Men's Pageant as well.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

  1. Iori Kitahara
  2. Ryuujirou Kotobuki
  3. Shinji Tokita
  4. Kouhei Imamura
  5. Chisa Kotegawa
  6. Nanaka Kotegawa
  7. Toshio Kotegawa
  8. Azusa Hamaoka (Debut)

Difference(s) from the Manga[]

  • Iori's dream sequence did not occur in the manga.
    • The dream was taken from Iori's imagination regarding his costume, which happen later in both manga and anime.
  • The scene involving Nanaka and the customers (prior to them leaving the shop) was omitted from the anime.