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An Older Girl (年上の女 Toshiue no Onna? ) is chapter 6 of Grand Blue manga.


Shinji and Ryujiro tell Iori that woman is Azusa, and they don't consider her a traditional woman at all. Later, Iori and Kohei are training to make Okonomiyaki for the festival, while secretly trying to get Chisa drunk and convince her to enter the Women's Pageant so that they won't need to enter the Male Pageant if she wins. However, all their attempts backfire. Azusa finally gets the boys to admit their true motives. Later that night, Azusa beats the young men in strip rock-paper-scissors, then convinces Chisa to give the beauty pageant a shot. The morning after, Shinji and Ryujiro announce that Chisa has decided to enter the Women's Pageant, under the condition that Iori and Kohei enter the Men's Pageant as well.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

  1. Iori Kitahara
  2. Azusa Hamaoka
  3. Shinji Tokita
  4. Ryūjirō Kotobuki
  5. Kōhei Imamura
  6. Chisa Kotegawa
  7. Nanaka Kotegawa